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After more than two decades representing Harlem in Hip-Hop, Cam’ron’s illustrious career has seen enough drama to fill a book. So it made sense that Killa Cam’s highly anticipated interview on Nore’s Drink Champs podcast lasted more than three full hours.

Though Cam didn’t partake in any alcohol or trees during the interview, the man did not need to get saucy in order to spill the beans on just about everything anyone’s wanted to know. From explaining where things started going south with Jay-Z when he signed to Roc-A-Fella to why he doesn’t want to get back with his ex-boo, Juju, Cam lays it all out there for our consumption and more importantly, entertainment.

Here are the 15 things we learned from Cam’ron on Drink Champs.

Cam’ron says he actually wrote Lil Cease’s verse on Lil Kim’s “Crush On You.” Apparently, Lance “Un” Rivera paid Ma$e $30,000 to write 6 songs for Kim’s album and he gave Cam $5K to do Cease’s verse.

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