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Checkout 14-Minutes of 'Horizon Forbidden West' Gameplay

Source: Guerrilla Games / PlayStation

Our favorite machine hunter is back, and she is looking better than ever.

PlayStation gave fans of Horizon Zero Dawn (such as our resident gamer Beanz) our first real look at the highly anticipated follow-up Horizon Forbidden West. Thursday (May 27), PlayStation returned with its State of Play, showing off 14 glorious minutes of the game in action on a PS5 console, of course.

Horizon Forbidden West picks up 6 months after the events of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is now an alpha machine hunter and has set out west to investigate the blight, a mysterious and deadly red cloud that literally leaves a path of death and destruction. During her journey in the uncharted lands in the post-apocalyptic machine-dominated world, she encounters new “strange” tribes and new dangerous machines.

In the demo, we learn that Aloy sent her friend and returning character from the first game Erend to San Francisco, well, what’s left of the Bay Area, to locate an artifact for her. Unfortunately, Erend gets captured by the Tenakth tribe, a rebel faction that has figured out the unique skill of overriding the machines, much to the dismay of Aloy.

Horizon Forbidden West

Source: Guerrilla Games / PlayStation

In the footage, we see Aloy encounter her new robotic and human threats. We also see some new gameplay mechanics in action, like Aloy swimming underwater for extended periods of time thanks to her new diving mask, a hook shot that allows to scale objects and escape situations quickly. Aloy also has a new item called the shieldwing, which allows her to glide through the air and get the drop on enemies in the game. Her focus ability also gets upgraded, and now will identify areas that will allow her to free climb and mount and override more machines to ride or aid her in combat.

Horizon Forbidden West

Source: Guerrilla Games / PlayStation

Since we are on the subject of combat, Aloy’s trusty spear has also been upgraded. It is better than ever, allowing her to perform new combos and special abilities called Valor Surges. We saw Aloy’s vast array of weaponry she will have access to help her take down the machines by exploiting weak points, like in the previous game.

Horizon Forbidden West

Source: Guerrilla Games / PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West looks absolutely stunning in the footage we have seen so far. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a release date after the presentation ended. BUT, many are assuming this game is pretty much done because Guerrilla had footage, and we can expect the game to arrive sometime this year.

We sincerely hope that is the case because we want to play this game IMMEDIATELY.

You can watch the gameplay footage from Horizon Forbidden West below.

Photo: Guerrilla Games / PlayStation


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