Italian all female indie-rock band AB29 share their compelling new

single, ‘Brainwaves’, out now on all streaming platforms.

The song is the second single of their upcoming EP “Memorem”, a

metaphorical journey through the lights and shadows of



Being the second track on the EP, it represents signs of the first symptoms,

the first sensation of something wrong with the protagonist. An inevitable flow

of thoughts that can only lead to something upsetting.

The EP, set for release in at the end of this year, explores the theme of

schizophrenia through five tracks, taking the listener on a journey through the

progressive metamorphosis of a mental state which, song after song, manifests

itself in all its real beauty.

“Surfing the youtube, we were struck to some interview to people with

schizophrenia.. We realized that this disease is not talked about much in

modern music and the idea of writing our Concept EP about a girl suffering

from schizophrenia fascinated us!

In her brain waves, our protagonist begins to see the first symptoms of this

disease and feels stuck in the hallucinations she witnesses. The story and

symptoms progress with the next traces and the girl is unable to control her

brain waves; she no longer feels herself.”

(taken from the We Are YMX interview)





Vocals and Piano – Zoe Ciulli

Guitars – Francesca Bagnoli

Drums – Rebecca Sardelli

Bass – Gianni Capecchi

Produced e arranged by

Nicola Barghi and Gianni Capecchi

Recorded at Elfland Studio, Pisa, Italy

Mix and Master by Federico Corazzi

Master at WannaRock Studios, Livorno, Italy.

Label/Publisher: Beng! Dischi

Image&Graphics – Cineseries

Photo Shooting – Yari Marcelli

Cover – Fabio Cialdella

Stylist – Celeste Gonnella

BIO – AB29 is a rock band from the Pisa area (Tuscany, Italy) made up of

three young girls, Zoe, Francesca and Rebecca. In 2015 they formed the band

to realize their dream, a common dream that bring them closer on a personal

level. They begin to write songs and perform in concert by partecipating in

various competitions, confirming themselves among the finalists of “Sanremo

Rock 2018”.

The girls begin to understand that their dream is starting to come true.

In September 2017 their first “FIX” album, “All Broken 29”, is released, which

helps them to make themselves known to a wider audience, that of the

internet, and to increase the demand for concerts. In 2020 they changed their

name in AB29 and they signed for Beng! Dischi and started developing and

recording in studio their new work.

On January 2021 released their first single of the eponimus EP: Memorem.




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