Jaz-O Interview. Coming Up In The 80s, Jay-Z & Sauce Money, Debut Album & Reconnection With JAY-Z

JAZ-O, Big Jaz, The Jaz. Ya the man who mentored Jay-Z is on the show with special guest host MRK SX, Lo &a MRK talk to Jaz about his influence Grandmaster Caz, reminding the younger generation to do the research of who came before them, the 80s in NYC for Jaz, Big Daddy Kane, how the B-List DeeJay was more popular then the artist back then, Why his debut Word To The Jaz was recorded in London U.K. with Jay-Z, Monie Love, being very competitive with peers like Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane & Rakim, the counter balance with money & music, the Various name changes like Big Jaz, The Jaz, MRK & Jaz’s connection to Zeebra (One of Japan’s Biggest Hiphop stars) as producers & Jaz’s journey as a producer. Appearing on Reasonable Doubt Bring It On alongside Sauce & Hov, releasing The Warm Up, releasing a series of upcoming books about verses starting with Jigga What, Hardpack tracks with Hov & Sauce, The reconnection with HOV.


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