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Looks like NBA YoungBoy is the latest rapper to learn that the Hip-Hop police are still in full effect in 2021 and they don’t care if they have to cross state lines to get their man.

Well, actually it was the FBI that got involved in this bust as TMZ is reporting that the feds had been hot on NBA’s ass ever since he got bagged on gun charges in Louisiana 6 months ago thanks to an “anonymous source.” Unfortunately for Youngboy, feds tracked him down in LA and even used a K9 unit to complete the bust after a brief pursuit in the streets.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, federal prosecutors take issue with 2 guns Youngboy allegedly had on him when cops arrested him in Baton Rouge for drugs. The feds claim he had a .45 pistol and a 9mm handgun — both are major no-nos for him because he has a previous felony on his record, for an aggravated assault.

To make matters worse the 9mm wasn’t registered to the “Bandit rapper and seized what seemed to be an arsenal in his possession.


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