Pro Dillinger Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions

@southernvangard #radio? presents the PRO DILLINGER interview session! Over the past few years, this Bronx born, Rockland County, NY raised MC has been methodically been carving out a spot for him his ONE NINE imprint as well as THE UMBRELLA, a talent-rich collective of MC’s, Producers, & Visual Artists from across the globe. Given we chatted with The Umbrella co-founder SNOTTY a few weeks back, we got Pro on the phone to complete the story & vision of the movement, talk about his upcoming project “SOul FOUL”, which is entirely produced by MALLORI KNOX and curated by MICKEY DIAMOND. We also hop in the wayback machine and talk about Pro’s come up, why he got into the rap game and what he’s doing differently the third time around. There’s a bunch more inside folks, so get to it already – 

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Richard Jellinek, guitarist, song writer and music producer
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Emcee Q When I Wake
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