SmooVth On Hus Kingpin vs Westside Gunn & Mach Hommy, Busta Rhymes Legacy & Amongst Wolves

Hempstead Long Island has a long lineage of impactful MCs. Included in that lineage is Smoovth who’s been a champion and curator of connoisseur rap for over 15 years. In this conversation, Smoovth breaks down his project Amongst Wolves, growing up around Busta Rhymes and his legacy, the thin years of New Golden Era Hip Hop and the dopeness of Royce 5’9. The final 16 minutes focus on his perspective of the rap beef between Hus Kingpin and Westside Gunn & Mach Hommy. Smoovth has worked with all of them and provides a peak behind the scenes. “… Hus didn’t say anything that wasn’t factual. To me it is miscommunication… I try not to speak on it too much because stuff gets misinterpreted. I say how I feel and they’ll misinterpret it. I’m not gonna sit here and slander anyone but you know I have my thoughts. They hungry to get to where they want to get to and from what I saw, they used Hus, stepped on him, and now they’re past Hus. Me and him we’re not that type of people. I’ll never shit on people that held me down. And that’s what happened… ”

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