Video: Nym Lo Ft. Smoke DZA “Through The Wire”


Nym Lo brings champagne wishes in his new video featuring Smoke DZA.

Off his upcoming High Horse II album, Nym Lo trades celebratory bars with his DZA while toasting bubbly with the crew.

“That was a real big day for me because I surprised wifey and put four carats on her finger to let her know our shit is bulletproof, says Nym Lo. He continues, “And I had the white double R out front, a $4,000 velvet Gucci blazer with the loafs to match and all my people there, so I told DZA we ain’t gon’ get a vibe like this again no time soon. I had Frankie Fire pull up and capture that hood opulence. Everything worked out perfect and a dope visual came out of a special moment in my real life!”

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