Visionaries – Shout From The Top

Visionaries “Shout From The Top”
from the full length album “V.”
Produced by Dj Rhettmatic for Beat Junkie Sound
Lyrics: Lord Zen, Key-Kool, Dannu, LMNO, & 2Mex
Mixed by Wiz1der
Mastered by L-Roxx

Directed & Produced by Artie Delgado & Mike B. for Brink Films
Ren Kelly
LASONiC TRC-922 (1984)
The City of Pomona
Visionaries & the Visionaries Massive



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Get to know about audio mastering online thanks to Indiy
Richard Jellinek, guitarist, song writer and music producer
Emcee Q When I Wake
Emcee Q When I Wake